Section 1:

All residents and merchants within the boundaries of this district shall be eligible for membership.  Merchants and businesses members will be entitled to the same benefits as residential members with the exception that they may not vote. 

Section 2:

Annual dues will be assessed for an increase on all members as determined by the Executive Board, and presented to the general membership. Any changes in the amount of these dues for the next calendar year will be proposed by the Executive Board and approved by a quorum of the general membership at the general membership meeting following the meeting that the increased fees are proposed. Members who have not paid their dues by June 1st, will be considered delinquent and their membership (with all associated privileges) suspended. Reinstatement will be made upon receipt of such dues.

Section 3:

Members shall not be allowed to hold office in The CIA, until they have attended three (3) general membership meetings in any twelve (12) month period.

Section 4:

The organization recognizes individuals who live outside its boundaries, may be considered eligible for membership, but cannot be voting members. These individuals support the organization and would like to receive the newsletter as “Friends of The CIA". These individuals will be asked to pay a suggested yearly donation the same as for member who pay dues. They will be entitled to some member benefits but cannot be voting members. 



The yearly membership is $10.00 per household, due in January of each year. You may prepay for up to five years in advance. Make checks payable to "The CIA"

If new member, please include the following information with your check:

New member ______ I am CIA ______

Name _____________________________________


Phone ____________________________________

Email _____________________________________

Mail or drop off your $10 annual household membership dues to

Treasurer Renee Anderson 

322 Rome Street

San Francisco, CA 94112

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