ARTICLE 1: Name and Area

This organization shall be known as the CAYUGA IMPROVEMENT ASSOCIATION (CIA), AKA THE CIA. Boundaries as follows:

· Starting at the SE corner of San Jose and Ocean Avenues, continuing East of Ocean south side to Onondaga Avenue, then East on Onondaga south side to Mission Street, then South on Mission west side to Sickles Avenue, then West on Sickles north side to the Southern Freeway (Interstate 280), then North on the Southern Freeway east side to San Jose, then North on San Jose east side to the point of commencement.

ARTICLE 2: Purpose and Policy

The purpose of this organization shall be to promote civic improvement and the betterment of the general welfare of our district and City. The policy shall be non-sectarian and the organization shall not endorse candidates for public office, nor shall it endorse any measures appearing upon the State or Municipal ballots.

ARTICLE 3: Membership


All residents and merchants within the boundaries of this district shall be eligible for membership.  Merchants and businesses members will be entitled to the same benefits as residential members with the exception that they may not vote. 

Section 2:

Annual dues will be assessed for an increase on all members as determined by the Executive Board, and presented to the general membership. Any changes in the amount of these dues for the next calendar year will be proposed by the Executive Board and approved by a quorum of the general membership at the general membership meeting following the meeting that the increased fees are proposed. Members who have not paid their dues by June 1st, will be considered delinquent and their membership (with all associated privileges) suspended. Reinstatement will be made upon receipt of such dues.

Section 3:

Members shall not be allowed to hold office in The CIA, until they have attended three (3) general membership meetings in any twelve (12) month period.

Section 4:

The organization recognizes individuals who live outside its boundaries, may be considered eligible for membership, but cannot be voting members. These individuals support the organization and would like to receive the newsletter as “Friends of The CIA". These individuals will be asked to pay a suggested yearly donation the same as for member who pay dues. They will be entitled to some member benefits but cannot be voting members. 

ARTICLE 4: Duties of Officers

Section 1: President

The PRESIDENT shall preside at all regular and special meetings of the organization and enforce the rules and regulations of the organization. In the absence of the President, the Vice-President shall preside. In the absence of both President and Vice-President, the Secretary shall preside. The President, when in doubt, shall have the authority to question the eligibility of a person or persons to debate or vote on an issue on the floor. The President shall have the power to fill all vacancies of officers and committees.

Section 2: Vice-President

The VICE-PRESIDENT shall preside in the absence of the President and perform such other duties as assigned by the President.

Section 3: Secretary

The SECRETARY shall keep the minutes of all meetings. The minutes of the previous meeting shall be presented to the membership for approval.   The Secretary shall also record all business and vital correspondence, as deemed by the President or Executive Board.

Section 4: Treasurer

The TREASURER shall:

  • Be responsible for all cash received or disbursed. The Treasurer shall disburse funds only upon proper authorization. The Executive Board may authorize expenses whose total aggregate amount shall not exceed Three Hundred & Fifty (350) dollars.  If the amount is more than 350 dollars, the executive board must approve the amount with authorization of the majority of general members present at a general membership meeting. 
  • Keep a record of the financial standing of all members and be responsible for the collection and recording of dues from the same. The Treasurer shall make a report at each general membership meeting depending on need, or at the request of the Executive Board. The Treasurer, or a designated assistant, shall make or maintain a complete roster of all members with names, addresses, phone numbers, emails, etc., to be available to the Executive Board, to include any updates on any changes.
  • Maintain a complete financial statement(s), approved by an Auditing Committee appointed by the Executive Board on an annual basis, and report, as requested by membership through the Executive Board, or as required by local and State regulations, and presented at a general membership meeting via the regular communications route, whether verbally at a general meeting, via newsletter or electronically. The Executive Board shall review the financial statements at their regularly scheduled meetings. 


When utilized, the SERGEANT-AT-ARMS will take charge of the door and assist the President to maintain order and shall perform duties of custodian of property.

ARTICLE 5: Election of Officers

Officers are elected for a 2-year term. The nomination of officers shall take place at the APRIL meeting in even years. Election of officers shall take place at the next quarterly meeting in JULY, and installation of the newly elected officers shall take place at the next quarterly meeting in OCTOBER. No officer shall hold more than one office during the two-year term.

ARTICLE 6: Meetings

Section 1

Regular meeting shall be held quarterly on a date best served by the membership.

Section 2

Any fee will be proposed by the Executive Board and approved by the majority of the general membership.

Section 3

Any business considered to be of vital importance to every member may justify the calling of a SPECIAL meeting by the President. Before conducting any SPECIAL meetings, notification to the full membership by the President, or designee, as to time and place will be necessary.

Section 4

No official meeting will be conducted without the presence of three (3) duly elected officers.

Section 5: Quorum

Nine (9) members in good standing at any meeting of The CIA shall constitute a quorum.

ARTICLE 7: Executive Board

The EXECUTIVE BOARD shall consist of the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Officer(s)-At-Large. The Officer(s)-at-large will comprise the Chairpersons of Standing or Ad Hoc Committees. These Officers shall be elected by the members for a period of two (2) years, or as needed, to fulfill the mission of the committee. No Officer or member shall represent oneself as a spokesperson of this organization unless duly appointed by the President. Delegates and Alternates to any District Council or organization with which The CIA decides to affiliate shall be selected by the Executive Board. When a new President is elected, the outgoing President shall serve as an advisor to the Board for a period of no more than two (2) years. This position will hold all the privileges of a voting Executive Board Member.

ARTICLE 8: Standing Committees

Members of each Standing Committee shall be appointed by the Chairperson of the Committee, or delegated to members of the Executive Board, or designee.

Section 1: Auditing Committee

When authorized by the President and approved by the Executive Board, a committee known as the AUDITING COMMITTEE shall audit the books, and report to the members at the next general membership meeting following the completion of an audit. The Auditing Committee shall also approve all financial statements made by the Treasurer, and PHYSICALLY inspect all Securities and report present values to the President and Executive Board.

Section2: Publicity/Communications

The Executive Board shall be responsible for PUBLICITY AND COMMUNICATIONS. A Committee may be assigned by the President or the Executive Board from time to time as needed. The Committee will be responsible for disseminating information about The CIA and its activities, including but not limited to meeting notices, newsletters, announcements, etc.

Section3: Program Committee

A standing committee to be known as the PROGRAM COMMITTEE shall be responsible for coordinating The CIA's educational, entertainment, and critical neighborhood issues, approved by the President and Executive Board.

ARTICLE 9: Special Committees

The President may appoint the following special committees, as needed. Their duties shall be in conformity with their titles and in accordance with the President’s instructions. They are as follows, but not limited to:

a. Education

b. Neighborhood Improvement

c. Transportation

d. Welcoming Group (Previously known as Sunshine)

e. By-Laws

f. Membership

g. Special Events

ARTICLE 10: Robert’s Rules

This organization shall be governed by ROBERT’S RULES OF ORDER, REVISED.

ARTICLE 11: Resolving of CIA

Section 1: Requirements

a.  2/3 membership “YES” vote that are present at a regular membership meeting

b. Abiding by the rules of incorporation of the State of California

Section 2: Securities

a. All moneys and securities will be used in our own geographical area as to whatever the majority of THE CIA best sees fit.

b. Donations to charities or other organizations only as approved by majority of Executive Board and reported to the general membership following approval.

ARTICLE 12: Effective Date

Section 1:

These By-Laws may be amended at any time by a vote of 2/3rds of the membership present at a regular membership meeting. Amendments shall be proposed at a regularly schedule membership meeting, and a vote shall be taken at the next regularly scheduled membership meeting upon seven (7) days written notice to the membership.

Section 2:

These By-Laws, when approved by the membership of THE CIA shall become effective immediately upon receipt of notification of such approval, and all previous By-Laws, if any, shall thereafter be considered null and void and shall have no further force or effect.

Section 3:

Adopted at the regular general membership meeting of THE CIA on Saturday, July 16, 2016 and approved by the Membership – effective July 16, 2016


President: Jorge Palafox

Vice-President: Melvin Noguera

Secretary: John Stachnick

Treasurer: Joan Leslie

Section 4:

These By-Laws were amended and then approved, respectively, by the Membership on July 16, 2016