Board of directors

John Stachnick

President, CIA

Meet John. Witty. Practical. Enthusiastic. 

President of the CIA and Secretary of the District 11 Council. John, a fifth generation resident, is a descendent of the Italians that once occupied the neighborhood. His parents met playing on the streets of Delano Avenue as children, are alumnus of San Miguel Grammar School and John’s dad recently celebrated his 50-year reunion from Lick Wilmerding. After venturing off to get his education from the University of California San Diego and establishing his career in Economics, John planted his roots in the Outer Mission in 2013 with his wife and puppy, and welcomed their daughter in 2017. 

John is passionate about revitalizing the neighborhood to be safe, diverse, family and pedestrian friendly community. He enjoys stumbling into familiar faces while walking his beloved dog, and on a speedier note, you may see him running to and from Lake Merced trying to beat his own time. 

Mel Noguera

VICE President,  CIA


Renee Anderson

Treasurer, CIA


I’ve lived in the neighborhood since 2004 but my grandmother, Mary Cognasso, lived here since the mid-50’s so I visited frequently. I now live in her house, third generation to live here. I love the authenticity; it seems like the last SF neighborhood that hasn’t been taken over by big money and tech.

My grandmother was a member of the CIA for years until she passed away.

My big wish for I what I want from the CIA is to reflect the dynamic cultures, backgrounds, and needs of diverse residents. 

I used to be punk (I had a mohawk in high school); and I’ve lived in many countries and states, and I will prioritize travel over any other big expense.

Jane Merschen

Secretary, CIA


I moved in the neighborhood in August 2003. 15 years! Within weeks of moving in, I made fast friends with neighbors due to joining an active neighborhood association. These neighbors are now my friends.

I'm currently the CIA Secretary but we could use some help with this role.

My big wish for I what I want from the CIA is I would like the neighborhood association to do more outreach so we can have productive meetings with discussions that have positive outcomes for our neighborhood communications of safety, resilience, friendship and to give and receive all types of help. 

I am a licensed Medical Technologist. What does that mean? We are the ones that perform laboratory tests.

I am a NAUI and PADI certified scuba diver and have ‘downtime’ in the RED SEA, MEDITERRANIAN SEA, PACIFIC, and THE CARIBBEAN SEA. 

Jorge Palafox

Sergeant at Arms

President, Ex Officio

Members at Large

Chris Dillon

Barbara Fugate