About the CIA


The Cayuga Improvement Association, affectionately known as the CIA is a neighborhood organization,  was initially established to insure the neighborhood had basic infrastructure, such as paved streets and adequate lighting - not a given back in 1939.  It was incorporated in 1978 and is a registered 501 (c) (3) organization.  

As the neighborhood evolved over the years the CIA has promoted civic improvement with the goal of bettering the general welfare of our neighborhood.  Members regularly attend meetings at City Hall and report back to membership. We regularly speak in front of city commissions, serve on a Task Force and been in regular communications with District 11 Supervisors and have a permanent seat at the District 11 Council.

We have sponsored workshops on crime prevention and neighborhood resiliency preparedness.  Our advocacy on behalf of Cayuga Park and Playground resulted in a complete renovation of the original 1952 Cayuga Park. We continue to advocate for more classes, including the current Zumba and Senior Art classes.  And we organize and sponsore the Cayuga Park celebrations, the Eggstravaganza and coming in October 2018 a disaster preparedness event. We have worked with the Friends of the Urban Forest to bring trees to homes at a discounted price and our members helped to plant them. We meet with department heads and coordinated beautification project Located in the outer, Outer Mission, the Cayuga Improvement Association’s boundaries for residents and businesses are from Mission St to San Jose Ave, and from Onondaga to Sickles. Members need not live within this area to join the association, however, the bylaws only residents within the boundaries may vote.  

From it’s inception, the CIA h as been successful because of it’s members and we can be more effective with YOUR involvement. The Cayuga Improvement Association is your neighborhood organization working to improve the qulity of life in our corner of San Francisco, resulting in a safer, friendlier, and more beautiful environment.